Learning Modules

Improving Patient Safety & Communication During EMS to ED Handoffs Course

Provides 1 hour of free continuing education.

This course includes information on:

  • The importance of effective communication during the patient handoff
  • The risks and consequences of ineffective handoffs
  • Barriers to successful and safe handoffs
  • Real-life before and after case scenarios in pediatric and adult populations
  • Standardized handoff tools and strategies

PAMI Modules

The Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (PAMI) has available pediatric learning modules, outlined below. The PAMI website contains additional details for registering and completing the courses, as well as registering for your certificate of completion for credit, when applicable.

Summary of Modules

Nonpharmacologic Pain Management for Adults and Children: Discuss the importance of nonpharmacologic pain management such as distraction and the consequences of inadequately treated pain. Define nonpharmacologic treatments for pain. Become familiar with nonpharmacologic techniques and how they are used as part of a multimodal treatment approach to managing pain in the ED, EMS and other settings. Understand how developmental and cognitive levels may influence the approach to pain management.

Pediatric Pain in Acute Care Settings: Review methods of recognizing and assessing pediatric pain. Review a developmental and behavioral approach to assessing and treating pain in children of all ages. Describe non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic options for pediatric pain management. Determine a stepwise approach to pediatric procedural sedation and analgesia. Understand the importance of discharge planning and transition of care. Review patient safety aspects of pediatric pain management.